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April 26th, 2012 by Arjun M. Bharadwaj

A Paradise Called Kabini

I have always compared Kabini to a paradise. Each day unraveled something new here; change is the constant.

It’s summer time, and there are good rains. The forest has transformed into a ‘green carpet’. Presently, there is no scarcity of food and water – a boon as far as animals go.

And its play time for baby Langurs and Spotted Deer fawn, which have had their fill.

I was on a Wildlife Safari one morning, and we experienced heavy showers the previous night. The forest appeared fresh and the air wafted the smell of trees!

Monkeys, Spotted Deer, and elephants had a fresh look and were busy feeding on the lush vegetation. On one side, I spotted a peacock engrossed in drying his feathers, and appearing to flaunt it:)

a Peacock at Kabini

A Peacock at Kabini

We stopped at the spot where we had lots to sight, and were expecting to watch a beautiful spectacle called the peacock dance.

After a couple of minutes, a peahen came along and the peacock began his wondrous dance!

Peacock Dance, Kabini

The Peacock Dance: a Treat for the Eyes:

Our patience had paid off, finally!

Any peacock tales to share, folks? 🙂

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