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August 14th, 2013 by Shanmugakumar K

Kabini: The Monsoon Paradise

This was my favourite boat safari in the monsoon. The landscape looked beautiful, bathed in brilliant light. From afar, we watched the clouds kissing the forests of Nagarhole and Bandipur. As we entered the National Park, it began raining.

The loud rutting call of Spotted Deer welcomed us, while Spotted Doves were foraging on the edges of the forest. The forest wore a green hue except for bamboo plants. We came across many birds. Darters and Cormorants were drying their wings, Little Egrets and Grey Herons were wading through the shallow waters, Malabar Pied Hornbills were flying from Nagarhole to Bandipur with a loud call and sat on the trees. It was a real treat for the guests, who had a good time photographing them.

Darter in Kabini

It’s a Darter!

We were lucky to spot three crocodiles all at one spot – a rare sight indeed. Initially, we couldn’t make a good sighting of these ‘power predators’ as they lay behind bushes. Later, as went closer, we saw them clearly. The next animal we sighted was a Sambar, found resting on the banks.

Crocodile, Kabini

A Lounging Croc

A massive bull Elephant came out from the bushes, taking everybody by surprise. As we were returning, one of my guests spotted a herd of Gaur walking along the banks. We also spotted several birds like Lesser Whistling Ducks and Oriental White Ibises.

Kabini: The Monsoon Paradise
Shanmugakumar K
Shanmugakumar belongs to the region of Coonoor in Tamil Nadu. He has completed a post graduate degree in Environmental Sciences from the Bharathiar University. He completed an academic project on Elephant Corridor as part of his degree, focussing specifically on “the status of the Elephant Corridor linking Mukkurthy National Park and the Eastern Ghats”. This project experience inspired him to work for biodiversity and conservation. Shanmugakumar currently works as a Naturalist at Orange County, Kabini.

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