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February 26th, 2014 by Shanmugakumar K

Stripes on the River Bank…

It was a winter afternoon; I was guiding 18 guests by boat safari. For most of the guests, this was their first wildlife safari by boat. As soon as we entered the park, I shared my plans with my guests.

Painted Stork, Kabini

A Painted Stork

The same day, I missed sighting the tiger by vehicle safari in the morning.

One of the Naturalists told me that the Tiger made a kill on the backwaters; I could smell the carcass too. My anticipation took me in the direction of the place. Lots of Spotted Deer, Sambar, two sounders of Wild Pig, Peacock, Stripe-necked Mongoose and a few birds were foraging on the river bank.

Suddenly, I could hear the alarm call of Jungle Fowl. Malabar Giant Squirrel and Spotted Deer started giving warning calls. The Sambar then ran away from the spot. The deer were watching the same place like a statue for a few minutes. We maintained pin drop silence on the boat.

Peacock, Kabini

Dancing Queen!

Then the boat man Krishna called out, “Tiger Tiger’’.  A male Tiger came out of the bamboo thicket and sat on the river bank for ten minutes. All these mammals and birds were in one frame. This was my first tiger sighting by boat.


Can You Spot the Tiger?

Stripes on the River Bank…
Shanmugakumar K
Shanmugakumar belongs to the region of Coonoor in Tamil Nadu. He has completed a post graduate degree in Environmental Sciences from the Bharathiar University. He completed an academic project on Elephant Corridor as part of his degree, focussing specifically on “the status of the Elephant Corridor linking Mukkurthy National Park and the Eastern Ghats”. This project experience inspired him to work for biodiversity and conservation. Shanmugakumar currently works as a Naturalist at Orange County, Kabini.

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