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March 28th, 2012 by Anikethan

Croc on an Isle…

The summer announces its arrival ‘bright’ and clear on the sunny banks of the Kabini. The river gradually, but steadily recedes, and thanks to the dam’s gates, the water’s released regularly.

Islands, both big and small, are commencing to reveal their ‘true sizes’.

As we cruised leisurely during a Boat Safari one evening, a young girl on the boat suddenly screamed, “Croc!”

There, sprawled on an island was a humongous crocodile with its mouth wide open, gaping at the sun. He lay nonchalantly basking, in close proximity to the boat.

Crocodile at Kabini

A Gaping Croc!

But as we drew to a halt, the winds blew strongly enough to take the boat in the direction of the crocodile.

The giant croc began moving towards the Kabini waters, and gently slid its long body into it. He was sailing along with us in the water!

The summer’s gradually revealing more and more Wildlife species at Kabini, be it on land or in water, like this large, fascinating croc.

Crocodile, Kabini

Croc on an Isle...

Ever seen a croc bask open-mouthed on a Kabini isle, folks? It may have been quite a sight! 🙂

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