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July 6th, 2013 by Venkatesh Kolappa

The Learning Curve

I was guiding the morning safari as a Naturalist, and the jungle was lush, given the presence of intermittent showers. We had distant sightings of elephants grazing on the Bandipur river banks. As we were driving along, we came across a large herd of Gaur mostly comprising cows and sub- adults.

gaur in Kabini


We also spotted sub-adult bull Gaurs to our left and as the cows began crossing the track towards our left, the young bulls started locking their horns and pushing at each other.

Gaur, Kabini

The Gaur Brawl!

The play fight was getting a little serious as the cows were closing in, and one of the younger bulls ran away to avoid injuries.

A young winner then turned his attention to the cows and started sniffing them to check their receptivity. But contrary to his expectations, the cows were least interested in the bull. After a while, we saw the same bull moving towards the other ‘bachelors’ and giving them company by grazing by their side.

One day, when he grows up into an adult bull gaur with his dorsal ridge rising like a hill on his back and his dewlaps (loose skin hanging under the neck) growing, almost touching the ground, then he will challenge other adult bulls and attract the female gaurs with his muscular body and shiny coat.

The Learning Curve
Venkatesh Kolappa
Venkat is a Zoology graduate with a Masters Degree in Sociology. Following college, he worked for 11 years in Sales & Marketing and 3 years in the BPO industry. His years in the city only increased his passion for wildlife, ultimately resulting in him giving up his career and getting involved in Wildlife tourism & Conservation. He has wide experience in the field of wildlife having worked in Kanha and Pench National Parks. Venkat believes that the urban man has lost touch with wilderness and nature, and needed to reestablish this link to invoke the spirit of wildlife conservation. Conservation of wildlife according to Venkat is essential for the long time survival of the human race.

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